Over the past year our son has been passed from the doctor to Yorkhill hospital who decided he would need to be circumcised. When the day of the surgery came the doctor put him under and decided against the procedure, we were delighted because he had been in a lot of pain for a long time. The doctor said a smaller procedure was better and there would be no wound. But two months on our son developed a massive infection so bad that he couldn’t even take a bath, we had to take him to Wishaw general only to be told he had to go see the specialist again. That Sunday we took him up for prayer and told him that mummy, daddy and the pastors were going to ask Jesus to fix him and he was very excited. After the service he was still in a lot of pain, but two hours later he had no infection, swelling or pain. God healed my son and he was telling everyone he knew all about it!

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