Shortly after getting married in October 2012 , I started to have pains in my back that left me unable to move very much , then weeks later my shoulders started to become very painful . On going to the doctor he tried various medication most of them left me very drowsy and wanting to sleep a lot , the doctor sent me to a pain clinic who also prescribed many tablets they were doing no good . A year on and I was worse . Every day my husband and I would pray and declare that I was healed , standing and believing His word . In the month of April 2014 the pain got a lot worse I was stuck in bed, then  a week later I was rushed to hospital with a suspected blood clot on my lung, so for me things couldn’t have got any worse. On Easter Sunday I went to church excited that it was Easter and looking forward to singing His praises and also the fact that my daughter was there, so about 4 songs in I started to feel the pain leave me for the first time in a very long time, I started to move my arms, I lifted them as high as I could, because I could not do this before and yes no pain, I was shaking, I had to let the pastors know, the tears were running down my cheeks with joy, I then went  over and said to pastor Gordon I’m pain free, I was given the mic to tell the church what God had done for me. The Lord is a good God and has touched my life in so many ways I could be here all day . I will end with giving Jesus all the glory for my healing and thank him for everything he has done. S.H.

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