I have found in Christ what I have been searching for all my life, and that was to be forgiven, to be set free, and praise God – it has happened!

I am free because of the Lord and to Him the glory goes, because no man on earth could have done what he has done, and that was to take my sins away. Knowing this has dealt with a deep sense of shame and remorse in my life. Today I am free to fulfil my calling and purpose, which He has placed within me. No more shame and no more guilt! No more thinking my life means nothing.

For 31 years heroin played a major part in my life, with losing my family, jail and prison sentence. I was even brought back to life on three occasions. I lost the right to raise my family, not to mention the damage I caused to others along that long and lonely road.

I was saved in 1989 and heroin was still something that I could not get away from. I felt that I could not tell anyone in my church, (which was a lie from the enemy), so on and off I would smoke it and by 1996 I was out of church and back into addiction. This went on until 2008, on and off, more times on than off. Again I believed the lie that I could not tell anyone and this voice would say that it was taking me to hell. There was no way out. This was it. I was terrified at the thought that I could go to hell because I knew that price that was paid for me.

I knew I was born again and I could not understand it. I cried out to the Lord many, many times “deliver me Lord, help me”. I could not get free from that drug, but Praise God who delivered me! The Lord Jesus, who is faithful even when we are not, He delivered me completely! one of the things I had feared was withdrawal symptoms, but I had none. I did not have to use pills or anything. I am completely free to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

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