1. Don’t ever wave your trophies before the Lord.

2. People will learn more from your scars than your trophies.

3. A fool would read the bible one time and say “I know all about the Lord.” But a wise man would read the bible ten times and say “I know very little.”

4. Before the Lord advances his church, the enemy will send out the flakes.

5. The false prophet is usually the first to accuse the true prophet.

6. If you’re pulling your friend’s car out of a ditch, and you notice your car moving closer to the ditch faster than your friend’s car is moving out, then cut the rope and find another solution. You can’t help someone out of a pit, when you’re not free yourself. First get free, then get other out.

7. The worst thing we can get from the enemy is a reward. The reason we don’t gamble, is not because we might lose, it is because we might win. With the devil’s reward comes his bondage

8. If you choose to believe the lies of your enemy, it makes his job of destroying you much easier.

9. When you jump into a river it will carry you to where it is going. If the river is going to a good destination, you do not need a paddle. But when not, you must paddle hard. When the Lord speaks thru you, put down your paddle.

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