Pastor Gordon Lyon
Pastor Gordon coming from a atheistic background  he became a Christian in 1983  a date that is forever etched in his heart, being in bondage to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol and living his life from weekend to weekend, but within himself he knew that there was something missing. He knew that there was more to life than what he was    experiencing.
Having heard the gospel “except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God”, he opened up his heart, invited Jesus Christ into his life and experienced a life changing transformation.

This was to take him on a wonderful new journey in his life where he would go on to grow in his faith and his relationship with Jesus. He went on to go into local church leadership for 10 years and after graduating from Bible School in 1996 he received the call to go into full time ministry in the office of pastor. Over the years Pastor Gordon has had the opportunity to minister nationally and internationally sharing the love of God and seeing peoples lives being touched and transformed by God’s grace.

He has also been blessed to meet and host some tremendous international speakers. Pastor Gordon has been married to Lynne for 30 years and together they have two wonderful children Ashleigh and Christopher. Together they pastor full time and also have a successful business of selling & renting property which they started 12 years ago and they also manage commercial properties.

Their desire is to see God’s people prosper and be in good health locally and nationally by preaching & teaching God’s word with power & authority revealing Christian’s rights & privileges through Christ’s victory.