Hi my names Kate, and I am a staff member of New Life Christian Centres evangelical team which means that I go on the streets and door to door, in fact I share the gospel with most people I meet. Its my hearts desire to see people saved and set free from the evil which is in this present age. I love to tell people what Jesus did in my life how he set me free from drug addiction and set me on the right path.

My heart is for the people who are bound in addiction alcohol, drugs and gambling I want to see the people set free from these deadly addictions that destroy the lives of many. Friends,the gospel is about freedom, freedom in Christ . Freedom where there has been bondage, Forgiveness where there has been unforgiveness and love where there is hate.

So spreading the gospel is really about spreading the good news, and if someone is reading this please know this, that it does not matter what sin you have commited because Jesus died to forgive us for all sins. When we accept him we become new all the past is taken away, and as far as I’m concerned that’s the best news in the world. May I live to proclaim it .