Hi, my name is Ian Buchanan, I believe evangelism is a vitally important ministry to the church, and one that every one can and should be involved in. That’s why here at New Life Christian Centre we offer as many different ways as possible for people to get involved in reaching a community desperately in need of God’s Love and Grace.

Either it’s out on the streets talking to young people about the tough issues of life and faith, or simply making up and sending out letters to households offering prayer and support for those that need it.

Talking to people about God is so easy, sometimes it scares me. We are often told that you can’t share your faith with people until you spend months establishing a relationship with that person first. Well I believe in that in part you should build up a relationship with a person based on honesty and respect but I can tell you honestly that can be done within a matter of minutes.

I love using card tricks, optical illusions, I.Q. quizzes and jokes to get a person’s attention.

I can recall one such time when I was in the centre of Hamilton just looking for an opportunity to talk to someone, I spotted 3 people coming my way, I whipped out a card trick and asked for a moment of their time, 2 seconds later they were on the floor laughing asking for more!

I happily obliged and also gave them a flyer explaining who I was.

It was at this point I stopped to take note of who it was I had stopped, all three were teenagers, dressed head to toe in black, skulls and chains dripping from there clothes and piercing. One chap was at least a foot taller than me (that being said I am rather small) I suddenly felt this would be the time to adopt the “month long relational evangelism approach”, instead I swallowed my fear and asked “Do you have any spiritual beliefs?”

“Yea’ we’re Pagan” replied the giant’s tiny girlfriend.

“Really? That’s fascinating, let’s talk about that” from there I spent the next hour and a half talking about God, the church and Jesus to these rather intimidating looking youths.

We finished the conversation with hugs and handshakes, the barriers they had put up simply fizzled away, it turns out a lot of the things we take for granted as Christians they never knew about, the dusty old religion of their parents suddenly looked much more alive to them after just one conversation.

I’ll always remember that conversation, although they never dropped to there knees on the spot and asked Jesus into there lives I could see God started an awesome work in their hearts, they were open and amazingly honest we got to talk about many of the things they feared and some of the hurts of their past, giving God the opportunity to heal those wounds was a privilege and is the reason I do what I do with determination and passion.