Diary of A Bible

JAN 15TH I’ve been resting quietly for a week, for the first few nights of the week my owner read me regularly but now seems to have forgotten me.

FEB 2ND Owner used me for a short time after dinner, looking up a few references. Then I was taken to church.

MAR 7TH After lying on the hall table after my visit to church, was dusted and put back in my old place again.

APR 2ND Busy day! Owner was helping with an event and had to look up several references. Had an awful time finding one.

MAY 5TH In the lap of my owner’s Grandmother all afternoon. She is here on a visit.

MAY 6TH In Grandma’s lap again. She spent most of the time on 1 Corinthians 13.

MAY 7,8,9 In Grandma’s lap every afternoon. It’s a comfortable spot. Sometimes she reads me, sometimes she talks to me.

MAY 10TH Grandma has gone, she kissed me goodbye. I’m back in my old place.

JUNE 3RD Had a four leaf clover stuck in me today.

JULY 1ST Packed in a trunk with clothes and other things. Possibly going on holiday.

JULY 7-10 Still lying in trunk.

JULY 15TH Back home in old place. Can’t understand why I went.

AUG 1ST Have some magazines, a novel and an old hat on top of me. Wish they would take them off.

SEPT 5TH Dusted again.

SEPT 10TH Used by my owner’s sister, Mary for a few minutes. She was writing a letter to a friend whose brother had died and she wanted an appropriate verse.

SEPT 13TH Dusted again. If your bible could talk what would it say about you? Now read your Bible and look up Joshua 1:8

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