Resolution means a quality of being determined, staying power, backbone, purposefulness and perseverance

Powerful words! You see we are what we are today because of the choices we made yesterday.

In life as we go into 2018 there are two primary choices in life either to accept conditions as they exist or accept responsibility for changing them.

What is the number one thing in your life that you are fed up with?
What system do you have in place to make sure you are consistent in achieving the change you want?

Without a system without a plan you will default into the old habits of the past. The old thoughts of the past the old conversations of the past.
If today’s 50,000 thoughts are the same as yesterdays then nothing is going to change.

Nothing just happens. Success doesn’t come in a day, it comes daily.

Your future needs a voice, you need to be immersed in the language of your future, be immersed in the environment that God is taking your life.
The voices you listen to determines the direction you go in.

So, in 2018 make a resolution that every day you listen to the voice of God through preachers, teachers and the word.

It’s far better to start and fail than fail to start.

Every person’s happiness is their own responsibility, choose to be happy this week, this year.

Have a blessed happy New Year in 2018.

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