There are three types of offences. The first is a direct offence. This type of offence is when someone offends you. Someone may have said something or you could have wrongly perceived what they have said. A good friend could come to you with some godly counsel thinking you could receive it, but you couldn’t and you become offended. This type of offence often occurs between friends.

The second type of offence is a given offence. This offence occurs when you offend another person. Usually, you did not try to offend them. You may have been trying to be honest with a friend and they became offended. Maybe you had a bad day and did or said something wrong that offended another person. The higher a person rises in leadership, the easier it becomes to unintentionally offend others. Many people who are heads of corporations begin to find themselves alone. Many of the friends they have had over the years desert them because of a wrong perception. Often the saying is true, “It is lonely at the top”.

The third type of offence is a borrowed offence. The reason this type of offence is “the most stupid sin”, is because it had nothing to do with you. Another person offended someone and they brought that offence to you. You end up choosing to join them in their offence. It is the easiest offence to accept, but the most stupid of all! You listen to someone complain, and rather than trying to help them, you take up their cause and become offended. Many Christians say, “You should never listen to anyone complain”. But this thinking is wrong. We are called to minister not only to physically afflicted people, but to emotionally afflicted people as well. The thing we must guard against in helping others is accepting their anger or bitterness. We should turn them to the Word of God and with the compassion of the Holy Spirit, minister healing to their lives.

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